Sunday, November 21, 2010

english broken part 1

i know why i'm doing this.i have to improve my english skill communication badly.if i'm not.they think i'm a loser just like the other super hot,to stop them for looking me with one eyes i have to do this.eventhough its very hard to take a risk for this but i dont have any chance.

honestly,i dont know how to start.for the first time.i feel like i'm totally lost control and just going to be<--i dont know how this word exist,its english or malay words?busted!

i've been told that i have to write about 100 words a day.haha(i laugh).totally insane.i dont know what i'm going to tell you at this time.i just feel like i'm going to take my stinky underwear and put it in my head.what the fucking poor and broken english i had.but,i cant give up.wait for the next english session from me.

leg note : i have to tune up my head for a few days.its going to crack!

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